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I’m big on playlists: I want to find and listen to them all the time and I want to compile them all the time; I don’t even know why. I have a few I’ve made on my Spotify account, like this one of 20th Century Classics I made when I lived with my buddy Aron, or these I made on 8 Tracks

I just updated and restarted my MacBook and when Spotify opened back up it showed what seems to be a new section, or one I’ve never seen, of playlists, and I found (and saved) a bunch I want to listen to but started with this one called Classic Covers: The Beatles. I mean, there’s nothing better than The Beatles in their original version but I’m listening now and some of these covers are perfect. To be honest it’s exceeded my expectations, unlike this other playlist I found on Thought Catalog. What’s the problem? There’s absolutely no R. Kelly! What are they playing at!?

Anyway. I’m going to keep listening to this for a bit more whilst I get ready for bed, it’s been a really really long day. Ciao.

Oh, and the photo? It’s one of my favourites from the test roll of the last camera I bought.



I haven’t been so uninspired to take photos in my life, it really seems like the last time I was really inspired to take photos was when I took this one, I was on a walk with the girls and took the first nine photos in the roll in the space of an hour or so. And that’s a lot for how I’ve been taking photos for a bunch of months. I haven’t even touched my cameras since I finished off this roll of film and another one; they’ve just been sat there on my shelf and I’ve been depending on my phone for all the photos. At least I’m still taking photos on that. But I’m working on it, I’ve just subscribed to a couple of magazines and looking to suscribe to more, I really miss being able to go to a shop and buying more than one magazine; here all I’ve got right now is National Geographic.

So I’m looking for inspiration, friends. Show me things, tell me about great magazines with affordable subscription fees.




There are very few times where things fall into place, for me at least. But for the first time this year a bunch of things have worked out together. At the end of last summer I started having a look at taking a series of photos on the way we live here, in Gibraltar. Then a couple of months later, it must’ve been roughly around Christmas time I met up with my good friend Paul who told me (without me mentioning anything) that he’d been thinking I’d be interested in the architectural study he was writing; which was coincidentally pretty much what I’d been planning to take photos of. So fast forward a bunch of months and after talking to Paul a few times and doing a bit of studying in my end he sends me a copy of the completed study.

I know I’ve been lazy and have found it difficult to get through my reading list but things couldn’t have worked out better. I was finally going through the text and writing up a small list of places I wanted to focus on when a couple of weeks ago we got offered a little job at work where we would have to spend a couple of weeks going round Gibraltar handing out questionnaires. So think about it: The deal included not having to be in an office for a while, relaxed mornings and working a couple of hours in the evenings, being more active and most important of all getting a chance to familiarise myself with all the places I wanted to go photograph.

So here are a couple of test shots I took on my phone last week before I go ahead and take the real deal later on in the year; followed by putting it all nicely together with excerpts of text from the study. The timing couldn’t have been better and I’m just really excited to get on with it.



Lot of new things going on today. Here’s a new photo, and a pretty recent one at that (because some even on these last two rolls are from last Autumn), taken with my newest camera (newest purchase that is). I also started a new temporary job with/for GBC, to carry out a survey and after one day I can say my predictions were right, I love it! I get to wake up later because I don’t have to go to my office at all (which means I’m active in the morning), then I work in the afternoon/evenings, when I’d usually be inactive, I get a workout without realising (because I’m walking up and down stairs), I get to have human interaction, I don’t have to sit at a desk looking at a computer for probably the next three weeks and the best of all is I get to pet EVERYBODY’s dogs! And I must’ve petted all size of dog today, from smaller than a cat to what was pretty much a pony. 

The oldest thing today is this view in the photo. I nailed it (for how I’d imagined the photo to come out). It’s of the cricket field in Europa Point, the same spot that’s risking getting messed up with a ridiculously large stadium; we’d lose this view, that’s for sure.